What are the characteristics of copper rust inhibitor?

2021-11-04 566

  Copper antirust agent is a new passivator with volatile organic solvent as carrier. After copper is placed in this solution for a specific time, it can quickly form a thin passivation film on the surface of the material. Copper antirust agent can effectively resist the corrosion of copper caused by atmosphere and dust.

  Copper rust inhibitor can prolong the anti-oxidation effect of copper. Copper antirust agent is volatile, so it is especially suitable for the application in the condition of strict water discharge or no washing and drying. It is very fast for the treatment of large copper field sculptures and building decoration materials.

  Characteristics and advantages of copper antirust agent: solvent volatile product, wash free, energy saving and convenient application;


  Copper rust inhibitor has strong anti-oxidation ability, and the treated copper parts can be adhered to

  Copper antirust agent does not change color for more than 1 year; Different from antirust oil, the passivation film can resist rinsing with alcohol solvent and cleaning agent, and the film is not disordered· The function of the product is not disordered. It can be used repeatedly without adding any components in the application process, and the protection is simple. Main purpose:

  Copper antirust agent is used for anti-oxidation treatment of ch58, ch62, ch65, ch68 brass, red copper (pure copper), white copper, beryllium copper and bronze to avoid rust, discoloration and blackening of copper parts, and can effectively adhere to the brightness of copper.

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